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Ryan Cecil and Kenny Coleman are the creators of Bourbon Pursuit, the #1 whiskey podcast and the proclaimed “Official Podcast of Bourbon”. They learned everything about the whiskey business through 10 years of interviews and and thousands of hours of candid conversations with industry experts. This unique opportunity led them to go on an adventure to find the best flavors possible. Pursuit Spirits didn’t take the conventional or easy path, instead they employed a modern approach by partnering with multiple award-winning distilleries to become masters at the next evolution in American Whiskey… blending.

Many companies source their whiskeys from the same usual suspects or use multiple mash bills from a single distillery. Even heritage distilleries only have 3 mashbills that make 30 different labels. Pursuit Spirits sought out the best whiskeys, regardless of location, and put an emphasis on developing products that compete against the most highly acclaimed and allocated bottles on the market. Pursuit Spirits partners with 4 distilleries across multiple states to create 6 specific mashbills with customized barrel char levels. Barrels age at their respective distillery to maintain terroir then are hand selected and shipped before being united. It’s a process that requires skillful blending to create a product that won’t be like anything else on the shelf. Enjoy this pursuit.